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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Morley Portraiture?


One day in my Masters Class, twelve of us were shooting the same model on the Santa Monica Pier….and not one of the photographer’s images looked the same.  Everyone’s work truly has a different look…one reason is the eye of the photographer.  Probably a bigger difference these days is the level of training.

My first degree was in Television Production from Ferris.  I went back to school in down town Los Angeles for Photography.  When I finished Bobbie Lane’s Master Class, I interned for a nationally renowned photographer in California for two years.

In 2003,  I opened my studio in Midland, Michigan.


What makes me unique?  Perhaps it is my tenacity for perfection…although my son thinks that is a personality flaw….it works well with portrait photography!  I have an eye for detail, for making sure everything is in place and a talent for seeing beauty and capturing that beauty.  It doesn’t hurt that I have an endless passion for photography…photographing people and dogs.  I have no interest in landscape photography…if it doesn’t have a person or an animal in it…it just doesn’t interest me!

Lighting & Posing

Everyone is beautiful, but lighting them just so, and tilting their head just so…..can capture that beauty.  That is not done purely by mistake, but by shooting thousands and thousands of images, having the proper training and having an eye for it.  Being technically trained insures it is repeatable, not just a chance shot.


Another thing we do differently, is our retouching.  We actually retouch.  Many “photographers” these days are just using Photoshop actions.  It is quick and easy, can pump up the contrast & saturation, and typically blurs out the skin.  This can make everyone look great….but rather generic!  It doesn’t take any training or expertise…and is definitely NOT my look.  I work with an artist with over 30 years of experience on top of my own.  Together, we retouch and enhance our images so everyone looks natural, rested and at their best.

Finished Portraits

Our portraits are all superbly printed and meticulously hand finished for uncompromising quality.  Wall portraits are hand enhanced with oils.  Each portrait is mounted to artist board, then given a deep canvas texture and a beautiful clear glaze.  Framing is without glass.  Our clients are coming to us for portraits that they will have on their walls for the rest of their lives and for generations to come.  They trust me to create beautiful images that will be timeless and reflect the true personality of the subject I am photographing.


Rather than me tell you…..take a look at my RAVES and see what clients are saying about my portraits and their experience with Morley Portraiture!