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We LOVE Your Mrs. Sisco! [VIDEO]

zmtd. DidvoI had the pleasure of being invited by Suzanne Rielle, Mrs. Sisco’s sister, and by the staff at Midland High School to photograph “Hats for Mrs. Sisco Day” on Friday, January 31.  Suzanne had the idea of capturing the kids and school staff “showing their love” the day before.  Thankfully, the MHS staff said “Yes!” on such short notice.  And, I was able to move a couple of appointments around to open up my schedule.   I’m so grateful it all came together.  It was a profound joy for me to experience the vibe and the genuine love they all have for their teacher.  Even a couple parents stopped by to help out.

Jen Sisco is head of the Math department at MHS and a math teacher.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, 2011, and continues to give her all to the school even during her treatments.   Mrs. Sisco began another round of chemo a few weeks ago, which caused her to lose her hair for the second time.  The MHS Principal, Janet Greif, had the idea for “Hats” day to show the school’s support.

Thanks again to Suzanne and to the MHS Staff & Students for allowing me to capture the school’s spirit and loving support, and for inviting me to contribute toward this lovely tribute for Mrs. Sisco. 

xo Kathy Morley

Enjoy the Video!

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Hi. I am a student at Midland High and I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful photos you took of her. Great memories were made.