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Framed senior portrait girl in purple chair by flowers with long curly hair

The Perfect Portrait

Nothing captures the essence of an individual like a beautiful portrait; a portrait that captures the spirit of the individual, their personality and beauty.  When photographing, I work hard to create an environment that allows the subject to give me that perfect look.  This process takes time and trust.

Once the images are created, the selection process begins.  In helping to choose the perfect portrait for your walls, I truly believe there is a proper size for each portrait.  Big enough to see detail in the face, but not so large that it just looks like a big head on the wall!  The more body in the image, the larger the portrait needs to be.  A simple headshot is fine as an 8×10 or 11×14, but an image with full body, will get lost on your wall in that small of a size.  In our studio, we can show you to size and scale, exactly how your portraits will look on your walls.

Anna’s portrait is just perfect.  It helps that she is lovely to start with, but beyond that, her portrait is just the right size for this image.  You can see the detail of her eyes from across the room, accented by a few flowers with a splash of color.  It is finished with the perfect frame, and you would never tire of her radiant expression!  As she goes away to college in another year, her parents will have her portrait to make them smile every time they walk into the room where it is displayed.

Don’t let another year go by without at least thinking about putting portraits of your children and your family on your walls.  We use archival canvas rated for three generations so our canvas portraits will last beyond your lifetime and your grandchildren’s.  Our portraits are priceless, just like your children are to you!

Give us a call.  The hardest part of scheduling…is just finding the time to pick up the phone!