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 People are raving about Morley Portraiture! See for yourself…


 “We are all beyond happy with the quality and professionalism that Kathy Morley provides in capturing our family’s personality!  Our latest family portrait gets so many praises.  Her creativity and knowledge put us all at ease to create a natural and timeless piece of art.  In addition, Kathy has photographed my children inside her beautiful studio and on locations for many years.  I trust all her ideas and she has never steered us wrong.  The biggest problem is trying to narrow down which photos of art to purchase.  I can’t wait until she will photograph my daughter for her senior pictures in another year.”                    
   -Lisa Bott, Midland, MI

We love our collection of graduation photos! After viewing the quality and artistry of the senior pictures from Tucson’s local photographers, I have yet to find any portraits as beautiful as the ones you create. A boy in Kelly’s government class saw one of her senior portraits (black dres in red doorway) and told her that he never comments on photos, but he couldn’t resist because it was the best portrait he’d ever seen and wanted to know where Morley Portraiture was located. Your thoughtfulness and your caring, along with all of the wonderful talent and creativity you possess, are the attributes that make you and Morely Portraiture so special and set you apart from all the rest.
-Barb Flynn, Tucson, AZ

  “I want to thank you for our beautiful senior portraits. You managed to capture J.C.’s personality by getting him to feel comfortable and relaxed (and this 18 year old boy is not a fan of having his picture taken.) The finished portraits were truly exceptional, from poses that don’t look too “posed,” to quality finish and beautiful framing.”
-Christy Pritchett, Midland, MI

“Kathy Morley is an amazing photographer and makes each and every one of us feel beautiful in her photos. If you’re looking for somewhere to get your senior photos done, or any photos for that matter, I highly recommend Morley.”
-Rachel Schneider, Midland High Class of 2017

“I cannot say enough about Kathy Morley. Her professionalism, artistic talent and people skills set her apart from other photographers. My son’s senior pictures are phenomenal. She traveled to our cottage and took a series of pictures around Boyne Mountain and the Boyne River. It really meant a lot to our family since the majority of our free time is spent in this location. His pictures are so natural! She is able to set the person at ease while photographing. The final product is a life time memory which we will treasure for many years.”
-Dawn Pumford, Midland, MI



“Kathy Morley is a great artist and photographer. She brings out the best attributes in all that she photographs. And, Kathy  is awesome to work with. We plan to photograph all of our family this summer. Thanks, Kathy!”

 -Susan Ripple, Midland, MI

“We are so happy with our portraits. The quality of your products exceeded my expectations and we love the way you were able to capture the kids personalities. My daughter has had her portrait done elsewhere and she said she felt so much more relaxed and better able to understand what look you were asking for from your directions. I think your ability to connect with your client and the quality of your portraits sets you apart from others. We would definitely recommend you and we are so enjoying our portraits.”

-Ana Pignone, Midland, MI

  “I just had to write and tell you thank you! Having three daughters, all with different styles and personalities, is truly a blessing. However, every time it came to preparing for senior pictures, my daughters and I are stressed. It was your demeanor, talent, creativity and professionalism that held us together and made their day a memorable and an exciting one. The best part for me is when the time came to pick up their portraits and to actually see how you captured each of their styles and personalities, it always brought me to tears. Kathy you truly have a gift!”
-Mary Ann Flaminio, Midland, MI

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“Our family has used Kathy Morley for all our senior graduation pictures. I love the timeless appeal of her portraits & I feel her work surpasses the quality of other studios. Kathy captures the personality of the senior in her work. She puts them at ease during the photo session and a very natural expression shines through her photos.”
-Heidi Kidd, Midland, MI

 “Kathy Morley captures in her photographs the true character of her subject. You can see it in the naturalness of the smiles, the light in the eyes, and the relaxed pose. The result is photographs with exceptional warmth and beauty.”
-Jan Zanyk, Midland, MI

“The experience with you was professional, yet personal. Our situation was unique from others because we had 3 boys getting their senior portraits done and although they are triplets you made them feel like individuals. You devoted your time to the one you were working with. You were willing to hear their creativity and what ideas they had. You pulled out each of their personalities in the portraits.”
-Suzanne Billette, Auburn, MI

Ericka_107 “Ever since Morley Portraiture has been in Midland we have always loved and admired Kathy’s work. Kathy Morley has a beautiful, elegant approach to her work. What topped off our decision to choose Kathy was her genuine, kind, caring and professional personality. Kathy, I am so glad that our family got to know you! We absolutely love Ericka’s pictures and working with you!”
-Lori Reder, Midland, MI


“I am a busy mom with 5 kids going in five different directions. I desire simplicity, perfection and quality. I appreciate the little things in life, and wanting to capture them along the way. I chose Morley Portraiture for my high school and family portraits to embrace my family’s memories and I am thankful for Kathy Morley.”

-Cassie Smith, Midland, MI


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“Anyone can take pictures but you will not find an artist that can bring the picture alive and capture the true essence of the person as well as Kathy. I am extremely pleased with the quality and beautiful portraits of my daughter and look forward to working with Kathy in the future to capture my other children’s senior pictures as well.”
– Shelly Lyman, Midland, MI

“Clare had high expectations and you far exceeded all of them! We couldn’t be happier with the selection of indoor & outdoor shots to select from. We are thoroughly enjoying our purchases and feel they have timeless quality. We find ourselves admiring them, especially the winter hat/coat series you did for Clare and the siblings portrait taken with her brother, Fritz. Your pictures are classic. You capture each individual. We really like that the student doesn’t look enhanced or posed or not like themselves. You do amazing work in personalizing each session to the individual so when you look at your senior portfolio, you don’t see a lot of the same type pose or background. This was a key criteria for Clare in selecting you. She always felt your senior photos were the best in town.”                                                        

-Beth & Clare Hyde, Midland, MI

“I just want you to know how impressed I am….Your studio is beautiful. When you put the music on and the slide show started, it really hit me that I have a senior – he looked so grown up and made me so proud. You have an incredible talent and you’re truly able to capture the essence of who they really are. The entire collection of photos were simply amazing and you made the viewing experience very relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for taking such good care of us. It means the world to me.”

-Nancy Lamb, Midland, MI

“We are so pleased that we selected Kathy to do our son John’s senior portraits. We had seen her work in so many friends’ homes that we were confident she would do an excellent job, and she did not disappoint! Being a guy, John was initially unsure about posing to be photographed, but Kathy made John feel so comfortable and relaxed that the experience was quite enjoyable and was done before we knew it. Every one of our portraits turned out beautiful, and Kathy was able to capture exactly what we were looking for. We are extremely blessed to have her expertise here in Midland!”

-Beth Brandon, Midland, MI


“I stop and stare at my portrait every day. Kathy Morley captured each of my kids personalities and individuality. She has this gift that is unique. She sees the inner beauty and it comes through in her portraits. Kathy really listened to me, and then she knew just where to go, and what we should wear so she could create a portrait just for us. As my first child goes off to college, I have a family portrait that portrays THIS stage in our family’s life forever.”

-Amy Skinner, Midland, MI

“My mom gets compliments on the family picture every single time someone walks into the house. She really likes it. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!”

-Mary Jo Piper, Midland, MI


“I really need to let you know we at the Marble home are very excited about Rachel’s senior pictures. You really did a great job with all the pictures of Rachel. As you might expect we really love the soccer picture. It is a beautiful piece of art and I can tell all the effort you put forth in making it special.”

-Diane Marble, Midland, MI 




“Kathy exceeded my expectations taking the time to capture both Laura and David’s smile and personality for their senior photos. I just LOVE my portraits! Kathy takes the time to capture the personalities of everyone and make them feel comfortable. Her portraits include traditional to more fun and modern poses that the kids love as well. The photos are a much higher quality of finish than other photographers.
Our family photos were done later and were a wonderful Christmas gift. Kathy is very easy to work with and everyone feels so comfortable and relaxed (even the 2 dogs smiles were great in the family photos :)). The inside and outside studios make it easy to capture so many different portraits in a shorter amount of time and much less stressful than traveling or walking around at a location to get portraits.
All the photographs are beautiful! Kathy is extremely helpful in choosing final images and ordering portraits. Additionally, she has a wonderful frame selection to compliment the photos and are reasonably priced.”

-Dawn Goslin, Midland, MI


“I would definitely recommend Morley Portraiture to all of my friends and family. The experience was stress free and super fun! I loved having my makeup done for the photos and Kathy helping me pair outfits with backgrounds and poses made everything a breeze. When I got my pictures back they were even better than I had hoped. All of my friends and family loved them. They’re unique and showcased my interests and I will definitely never forget this experience….it was great!”

-Brandon Woodruff, Dow High Class of 2013

“Morley Portraiture exceeded my expectations. Every day as I look at my pictures I still can’t get enough of them. Also, I love how my portraits don’t need a glass to cover them because they are already glossy. I would highly recommend your studio to others.
At the beginning of the photo shoot I was nervous at first to get my picture taken but after a couple of minutes I became more comfortable. The end result of my portraits are amazing.
I perceive that you are different from other photographers through your photography style.”

 -Judy Elnachef, Dow High Class of 2013