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Annual S.O.S. Animal Rescue Fundraiser Event

A Dog Gone Great Deal!

Join us for a pet portrait fundraiser to benefit S.O.S. Animal Rescue

Thursday, January 14: 11 am – 7 pm
Friday, January 15: 1 pm – 7 pm

Drop into the studio with your loyal friend any time! No reservations needed.  There may be a short wait ahead of you, but we keep things moving pretty fast.  
Bring a bag of dog food or a minimum donation of at least $10 per dog for S.O.S. Animal Rescue.

We will photograph your pet and provide you with an 8×10 retouched portrait – mounted, and finished with a lacquer glaze and textured to pawsitive perfection!  PLUS you’ll receive 8 wallets.

All in time for Valentine’s Day, and all for just $60 (a savings of over 65%!)

BONUS!  When you come, we’ll share with you an exciting opportunity to WIN a 16×20 portrait from your furry friend’s photo shoot!

Additional Information:

Many people have more than one dog.  I have two Golden’s myself.  I am happy to photograph more than one dog (or more than one cat) …but be realistic.  If your dogs are difficult, have me photograph one at a time!   Just consider the amount of time it will take and remember – this is a fundraiser.  If your dogs are difficult to photograph together and super hyper, maybe a personal session at another time would be best.  Otherwise, I am totally up for it!   I have photographed three Shelties in the same amount of time it might take me to photograph some yellow labs!  So………YOU know your dogs!

Cat’s are welcome too.  I have even photographed a parrot WITH a lab in the past.  The portrait was stunning.  A couple years ago “Bacon” was photographed…a pot bellied pig!   I have some of the same volunteers for inside the studio coming back again this year for our SEVENTH year!  We hope to see you!