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Andrew Liveris’ Head Shot on Greek Postage Stamp

Image compliments of the Greek Reporter

Image compliments of the Greek Reporter


I am privileged that Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, would choose me to photograph his head shot for such an honor in his home country of Greece.

The International Foundation for Greece honored the six distinguished living personalities of the Greek Diaspora with the Commemorative Stamp Set shown above.  Looks like Mr. Liveris is in good company!

While you are likely not CEO of a large corporation or likely to be honored on a postage stamp by your country, a great head shot is just as important for you as it is for Mr. Liveris.

Capturing Great Head Shots:  Both a Science and an Art

Head Shots are one of my specialties.  Taking a great head shot is both a science and an art. Training and extensive practice is required in client positioning, lighting, and shooting.  It’s also an art to truly capture a client at their very best, and to capture the perfect type of image for their profession.  I have practiced and perfected my head shot techniques over many years of photographing.

If you have ever talked with anyone who has had a head shot session with me, they may have commented on their positioning.  Getting the perfect “natural”  professional head shot often means positioning the client in ways that feel very unnatural.  If a photographer wants you to “sit naturally” to take your professional head shot, you may get a result that looks more like an ordinary snapshot than a professional head shot.

Doing a little preparation in advance of your session helps as well.   Read my headshot tips & advice in our Guide here.

You can schedule a personal headshot session at any time.  We also off “Headshot Friday” specials throughout the year on our Specials Page.